Why Ignoring Digital is Bad for Business

The singular goal of marketing is to bring awareness to the business brand ultimately growing the
company. Small business owners must be diligent in their marketing as they do not have people to
delegate the task to as with large businesses. Small businesses would do well to see the value in digital marketing and if this is an area you are currently neglecting, putting your dollars into it will certainly pay off in a big way.

Latitude and Longitude Targeting

In a digital world, it may seem difficult to reach specific customers who are focused on their phones
more than what is around them. Work this to your advantage with digital marketing and latitude and
longitude targeting. If you are unfamiliar with this term, you are not alone, but even without knowing it, you have used latitude and longitude targeting. It simply is the act of targeting customers based on their specific location.

Digital marketing in this way uses your advertising when customers are close to your location sending them information on the business. This is a great idea for those that may not be in high traffic areas as it will direct potential customers to your location even if it is not on the main street of a city. Anytime you can expand your reach to customers passing by, your business will grow.

Your Mobile Identity

Information is everywhere these days and more potential customers are relying on mobile technology as a means of acquiring their daily information. With an emphasis on your website’s design and the ability for it to be mobile friendly is how to edge out much larger competition and reach the customers you need. Regularly updating your website and focusing on the customer’s needs will ensure that they feel the site is valid rather than just another site.

This is how larger companies keep up with the market, by keeping up with current trends. If your
website is more than a few years old and you have yet to update the information, design, and online
experience, your small business can suffer. Make an effort to find a digital marketing firm for the
professional touch to help your small business grow substantially.

Data Utilization

What turns many small businesses off from a digital marketing campaign is simple lack of knowledge. Small businesses that have launched digital campaigns in the past without credible knowledge into the industry will often endure a costly marketing scheme with very little monetary results. The problem is that marketing without a specific audience is simply a shot in the dark. You might catch one or two contacts, but apart from that, the budget is blown on customers that have no interest in your business whatsoever.

Responsible digital marketing is quite different. It is focused on specific customers rather than sending information in all directions. Data utilization is how this is accomplished. Analyzing data is not for the average person or small business, but when your small business combines efforts with a digital marketing company such as Triple-Nine Digital the results are remarkable.

We take data from your site to produce the ideal digital marketing campaign for your business. Potential customers are targeted by their past search history, interests, and even location. This use of “Big Data” pays off tremendously for small businesses and gives them an opportunity to compete with larger businesses. Triple9Digital is always here for you to help you grow your small business in the most efficient way through digital marketing. Contact us today and begin your road to growth with Triple-Nine Digital.