The Cookie Conundrum

There’s no question that more needs to be done to protect privacy across the web but what’s the best way to do that without significantly crippling the ad industry? Everyone has an opinion on the matter and Google has decided they need more time to find the right solution for the Privacy Sandbox initiative.

What is the Privacy Sandbox Initiative?

According to Google, “The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create web technologies that both protect people’s privacy online and give companies and developers the tools to build thriving digital businesses to keep the web open and accessible to everyone, now, and for the future.”

Privacy online is a big deal for everyone. From the everyday users just browsing the internet to the biggest corporations, privacy is a much discussed topic. It is hopeful that the Privacy Sandbox will provide the best privacy protections for everyone.

In Google’s latest announcement (June 2021) they stated they will be postponing their plan to phase out support for Third-party cookies until mid-2023. They need to slow things down a bit and allow for more conversation on this particular subject.

What This Means for Marketing Agencies and Advertisers

Work still needs to continue toward alternatives for sure. For the time being, we continue business as usual with a bit more effort to build first-party data. There’s also the ability to target on a broader spectrum through interests and general groups. So, let’s not panic just yet but keep a watchful eye out for more forward progress from the major players.