Cut through the clutter with Text Marketing and put your message directly in the pocket (or purse) of your customers. With this method of marketing you can target users who would be the most likely to be engaged with your business. It is perfect for messages that you need to send out when time is of the essence. The user could always opt out at any time,

Why Do I Need Text Marketing?

Whether your business is a restaurant, retail space, salon, or an eCommerce site, there are benefits to using texting campaigns for every industry.

Do you want to reach people who care about your business on a platform where they spend most of their time? With our Text Campaign Management service, you can send messages to where your customers will usually see them within the first five minutes of receiving the message. With our Text Campaigns, they are only permission-based, so you will only be communicating with people who do want to hear from you.

In the digital world that we’re in, people are more attached to their smartphones than ever. With Texting Campaigns, you can reach your ideal audience with minutes and from anywhere. You don’t have to rely on them to see a billboard or commercial somewhere. You know that your audience wants to hear from you and that they will see the messages you are sending.


Let us manage your text campaign so that you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

If you’re running a special on a buy one, get one appetizer, you can inform everyone on your list of this special to increase traffic during a certain time. Have a great sale at the shop you own? Send out what the sale is with pictures attached to attract more customers. Stay front of mind with your customers and increase traffic to your brick and mortar store or your online, eCommerce store. If there are closures or cancellations due to bad weather or water main breaks, you can quickly send messages to your clients so they know of these changes.

You can also use these services to automate your confirmation of appointments whether it’s for hair appointments or personal training sessions.

These campaigns can be especially helpful during holiday times. Let your customers know what specials you are running, what new things are happening at your business, or your holiday hours so they know when they should come and see you.

Another bonus to these campaigns is that you can have a two-way conversation with your customers. As your full-service digital marketing agency, we can respond for you, or if it’s something we don’t know the answer to, we will reach out right away to get an answer for them.

With our Texting Campaign and Management service we can easily import contacts that you already have, upload keywords for customers to opt-in with, and we will give you analytics reports of how many of your messages are opened and how many people clicked on the links (if applicable).

How it works

  • Choose your own custom keyword* and promote it to your customers.
  • Customers subscribe to your campaign by texting the
    keyword to 313131.
  • Customers receive and redeem mobile offers
    *Custom keyword can be as short as two letters
    (Subject to availability).