What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising helps your posts get seen by new people who are not following your business page. With Social Media Advertising, you can target specific locations or demographics so you can reach your most likely customers. With an advertising budget on social media your message will go further than organic reach.

Why Would Your Business Need Social Media Advertising?

We have all had those moments browsing on social media where we see an ad and think, “wow, that is perfect for me!” That is an example of a business with great marketing and an agency that knows their target audience, demographics, and their interests. Triple Nine can be that marketing and advertising agency for you!

When it comes to marketing a business, social media is one of the most important tools. “Boosts” are one of the best ways to have your content get seen, as they are putting money behind your posts to expand the reach of your content to viewers outside of your usual base. We will work with you to decide a set amount of money for your business to boost posts to a target audience. We also use some of your advertising budget to launch ad campaigns for facebook to draw in more viewers to your page. With these campaigns, we can have content be concentrated on certain age ranges, areas and even specific careers, so we can reach the ideal audience.


Along with boosting campaigns and posts, Facebook also has “like campaigns”, which displays a description of your business and a picture to your target audience, along with a button viewers can click to like your Facebook page directly. Only 6% of organic (unpaid) Facebook posts will be shown to people who have already liked your page, which makes boosting your content still extremely important and necessary to reach new people. Boosting is also really important for promoting events and sending out new information to customers in a pinch. The amount that we recommend per boosted post is $25. When a post becomes boosted, you can also decide the target audience that you want to reach.

Instagram also has similar targeted advertising features, and it is owned by Facebook. With instagram, you can have your posts appear on people’s feeds or on Instagram Stories, which also lets the user swipe and see your website where you can showcase more of your business.

While we tend to start with Facebook, and Instagram first, Snapchat also has similar audience targeting capabilities, however it is mainly used by a younger audience. This younger demographic shouldn’t be ruled out however, since Millennials and Gen Z do have a spending power of $1 trillion. (ForBusiness.Snapchat.com).

Pinterest has found that “83% of weekly US Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins from brands.” Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach potential customers when they are actively looking for ideas or new brands. Pinterest has 300 million people use their platform every day (Pinterest.com). You don’t want your business to miss out on this large audience.

The “Professional Social Media” Linkedin is a little different in that it is a great place to primarily advertise for business to business services. LinkedIn was rated by marketers as the number one B2B lead generation. Not to mention that 4 of 5 LinkedIn Members drive decisions for their business (LinkedIn.com).

TikTok, the short video app that is everywhere nowadays, also has a feature to run ads and track your performance data. When users open the app, ads will appear and they will also appear as the user swipes through their pages of videos, which is referred to as the “For You Page”.

The social media you choose to advertise your business on depends on your target audience and goal of the campaign.

Get your Brand Out There!

Getting a new voice out there on social media is always an exciting adventure for us. Finding the right people to target, the best message and platform, and then making the best attention grabbing images is something we love to do. To assure that we are successful on our campaigns we provide you with straightforward reporting with results each month. If you are interested in fitting in social advertising into your marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us today!

We love working with businesses to determine the best vehicle, audience, message, and eye-catching visual to accompany it. In order to help measure your campaign’s success, we provide detailed and easy-to-read reporting. Contact us today to see how social advertising can be a part of your advertising goals!