What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising connects brands with engaged audiences by planting branded content directly into editorial streams. Simply, it is paid advertising made to look like news content or articles on media sites like Yahoo!, MSN, Google or our very own Spokesman‐Review.


Why do I need this Service?

This service is perfect for you if you want your ads to blend in perfectly with its environment. The ads will feel less invasive and often times readers won’t recognize that they are seeing an an advertisement. It is a transformative way to display ads that keeps them informative


Spokesman.com Native

  • Homepage placement
  • Image and headline displayed
  • Labeled Sponsorship
  • Rotates with up to 4 featured stories
  • 1 and 2 week pricing options

MSN, Yahoo, and Google Native

  • Ad placement within articles
  • Target users by gender, age, geography, interests and topics
  • Cost per click pricing to match your budget


  • Maximum of 700 words /Minimum of 200 words. 500 to 600‐words ideal.
  • Articles should include no more than 5 links. Links must be applicable to the article.
  • Headline limited to 60 characters maximum.
  • Each article includes at least one (1) image, and up to eight (8) images.
  • Images must support the article.
  • Video may be included
  • Additional advertiser, image and video specifications apply.