Maximizing Video Marketing: Small Business Edition

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Video Marketing

We all know that when it comes to digital marketing, these days, video is king. Short, eyecatching clips are certain to go viral on social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. The algorithms on these platforms allow just about anyone to create viral content and have their videos end up across a plethora of screens, including those who may not even be following them. Many small business owners may be wondering exactly how they can leverage video marketing to their advantage. Here are our top tips for standing out behind the camera.

The Formula for Creating a Viral Video

What’s the secret sauce for making a viral video? First, let’s take a step back and remember that it’s not necessarily about creating content for the purpose of going Maximizing Video Marketing: Small Business Editionviral, but rather about creating content that provides tangible tips and value to your audience. What are questions your customers or clients frequently ask you? What problem does your product or service solve? These are all great starting points for video topics. When creating a video, there are a few key things to think about. Research has shown that social media users typically decide within three seconds if they are going to watch a video or keep scrolling. This is why an engaging hook is crucial! Within the first few seconds, make sure you have an attention-grabbing phrase to ensure viewers stick around. Eliminate filler phrases and words such as, “Hi guys!” “Today we’re going to be talking about…,” or “like” and “um.”

The Different Types of Video Content

There are tons of different types of video content to create. A popular style of content uses trending audio in the background of your video. This can be a piece of lip-syncing audio or a trending song. Use these sounds to your advantage and think of relatable ways you can draw your audience in. Another popular style showcases someone talking to the camera about a certain question or providing valuable information relevant to the brand. Users love to listen to people talking and sharing relatable or useful information. It can be intimidating to talk to a camera, but content of that style is highly valuable to your audience.

High-Quality Video Content on a Budget

Many small business owners veer away from video content because it seems like a large endeavor. They assume they need expensive camera equipment, professional Maximizing Video Marketing: Small Business Editionaudio tools, and high-quality editing software. However, that isn’t the case anymore. With the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, content shot on a smartphone is just as great, if not sometimes better, than professionally filmed content. Smartphone clips have a relatable feel, making the brand seem less intimidating to the customer. Consider changing your phone’s settings to higher quality, such as filming in 4K and at 60 FPS. Investing in smaller pieces of equipment like a tripod, ring light, and small clip-on microphones are simple and affordable ways to improve your content. Make sure to film in a spot with good lighting and speak clearly. These easy additions will drastically improve the quality of your content on a budget.

Taking the Plunge into the World of Video

Video content can be intimidating at first, but by implementing a few key steps and investing in affordable equipment, you can take your business’s online content to the next level. Social media users continue to flock to video footage; be sure you’re reaching as many potential customers as possible by creating engaging, high-quality video content.