Digital Marketing Can Bring Your Marketing Campaign to the Ultimate Level and Complete the Package

Traditional marketing tactics are essential for businesses of all types. From small to large companies,
billboards, print, radio, and television ads bring in a substantial amount of business. Even though this
market will always have a place in advertising, it is simply no longer enough to keep your business
competitive with an increasingly digital world. How can digital marketing assist your already successful traditional marketing tactics? Here are just a few of the ways.

Location Emphasis

Billboards, bus bench ads, and even flyers around the city reach a lot of people. Locals going about their daily routines will be enticed to visit your business and inundated with your ads on a daily basis, but what about visitors to your area? Without digital marketing, they may not know you can help them.

Even with standard street ads from traditional marketing, some visitors are too focused on their digital device to notice. That is when location based marketing can have a significant impact on your small business.

Imagine, visitors and even locals walking the streets where your business is located in and instead of
receiving ads of the big name business way across town, they see ads and even coupons for your
business. Advertising in this manner attracts those that are focused on their devices and sends
notifications when they are close to your business.

A Constant Reminder

Potential customers often have to be reminded more than once that a business is available. It is not that they completely forget about the specific business, but the simple fact that there is so much available information, they may neglect to visit as often as they should. Street ads and even television and radio ads fill in the gaps to remind customers a business is available. Research shows that it takes an average of 7 times reading something to commit it to memory. The same thing can be said for marketing.

Traditional marketing tactics work directly with digital marketing tactics to reinforce and remind
potential customers that you are available. They may see a television ad or hear a radio ad about the
business first, but it is the social media ad that is continually being brought to their attention that
entices them to visit the physical location or website. It all works together as a continual reminder to
maintain a link between your business and that customer.

Broaden Your Reach

Traditional marketing is also known as passive marketing. It reaches an expanse of customers without a real target audience in mind. Whoever happens to pass by the ad, read it in print, hear it on the radio, or see it on television can be impacted, so there is no real structure to its basis. Digital marketing works with passive marketing tactics, but gives the reach a bit more girth. The broader expanse enables even the smallest of businesses to have a substantial impact on their marketability.

Where to Turn?

Traditional marketing is very easy to understand. The ads are put out and generate a certain level of
customers. The digital marketing world can be a bit more confusing to navigate as there are a lot of
virtual entities to keep in mind. What you need is a friend in the digital marketing business and that is
where we at Triple9Digital come in.

We are committed to our clientele and give them a leg up on the competition through a keen
knowledge of all marketing tactics with an emphasis on digital marketing. We can take your standard,
traditional, passive, marketing scheme to new heights through location-based marketing, mobile
website integration, social media emphasis and much more.

At Triple9Digital, your business is not viewed as a small business, but in the potential to become a much larger competitor in the digital world. We have helped countless small businesses realize their potential through digital marketing and grow to unbelievable heights. Give us the opportunity to do the same for you today. Contact Triple9Digital today and have a better tomorrow.