A Website Isn’t a Business Expense – It is a Business Investment

The main purpose of a website for your business should be to turn website visitors into customers, otherwise known as conversion. We live in a digital world where people no longer pick up the Yellow Pages to search for information on a business. Instead, they go to their computer or mobile device and perform a search on a search engine, like Google, to find what they are looking for. The customer is then tracked as they search through thousands upon thousands of results on their screen, choosing the right website to visit to eagerly find what they are looking for. Hopefully it is your website. And hopefully they purchase your product or service. But if you don’t have a website, you are missing out on potential business opportunities and immediate sales. Here is why a website isn’t a business expense but instead, a business investment and why you need a web presence.

The Bare Minimum of an Online Presence

According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research product information before they make a purchase online or in the store. That research is happening on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if your business is a huge company with hundreds of employees and a storefront, or if you are a small one person gig operating out of your garage. A website is necessary for all businesses and should be tailored specifically to your business and your customer’s needs. If you don’t have a website, potential customers won’t be able to find your business, products and/or service and you won’t be taken seriously. It is as simple as that in today’s world. Unfortunately you could have the best product in all the land, but if people can’t find your website online, you just don’t seem legitimate.

At the bare minimum, a business should have a website and a social media presence online. It doesn’t have to be all of the social media networks. We suggest starting with Facebook because it is still the largest and most powerful network for most businesses, and Google My Business, because it has Google power, and going from there.

Your Website Sells for You

Let your website be the backbone of your online presence. It will be online 24/7, weekends, holidays and when you are sleeping and others are awake. When you are sharing information, whether it be a social media post or an email to your potential customers/current customers, you’ll just send them to your website (the backbone). With every advertisement piece that you create, send them to your website. Drive the consumer to your website and let your website do the selling.

If your business is one that sells a physical product, then an eCommerce website would be a great fit so that you can sell 24/7. If you are a service provider, then a website that describes your services, how a potential customer can benefit from them and how someone can contact you to obtain those services, that would be perfect.

No matter what you are selling, always have a way for customers to contact you and for them to provide you with their information. Just because they visit your website but don’t make a purchase today doesn’t mean they won’t return tomorrow after you send an email and buy something else!

A Website is a Great Marketing Tool

We’ve already mentioned that with a website, you can sell your products and services around-the-clock. You don’t have to be actively engaging with leads on a constant basis because they are able to get the information they need from your website. But your website itself can accomplish many marketing strategies to help your business grow even more. With a website, you can accomplish other low cost marketing possibilities like search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing, just to name a few big ones. Your website is the perfect place to guide your email subscribers to when you want them to learn more about a product or even make a purchase.

Additionally, by researching something on the Internet before making a purchase, your potential clients are going to see reviews and ratings. Your website can serve as a platform to share the good reviews and fix the bad ones.

Get Help from the Website Experts

There are many websites that allow you to use their platforms to build a website, but most business owners will tell you that those were fine in the beginning. They will also likely tell you that after working with professionals, they now have a website built to their own business goals and it is much better! Go straight to the experts for website design help. From the ground up or somewhere in the middle, Triple-Nine Digital can help you out when it comes to ensuring your website is optimized for your business goals.

The Cookie Conundrum

There’s no question that more needs to be done to protect privacy across the web but what’s the best way to do that without significantly crippling the ad industry? Everyone has an opinion on the matter and Google has decided they need more time to find the right solution for the Privacy Sandbox initiative.

What is the Privacy Sandbox Initiative?

According to Google, “The Privacy Sandbox initiative aims to create web technologies that both protect people’s privacy online and give companies and developers the tools to build thriving digital businesses to keep the web open and accessible to everyone, now, and for the future.”

Privacy online is a big deal for everyone. From the everyday users just browsing the internet to the biggest corporations, privacy is a much discussed topic. It is hopeful that the Privacy Sandbox will provide the best privacy protections for everyone.

In Google’s latest announcement (June 2021) they stated they will be postponing their plan to phase out support for Third-party cookies until mid-2023. They need to slow things down a bit and allow for more conversation on this particular subject.

What This Means for Marketing Agencies and Advertisers

Work still needs to continue toward alternatives for sure. For the time being, we continue business as usual with a bit more effort to build first-party data. There’s also the ability to target on a broader spectrum through interests and general groups. So, let’s not panic just yet but keep a watchful eye out for more forward progress from the major players.

Google My Business – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Launched in 2014, Google My Business became a business’s best friend for online searching. Google My Business is an online business directory that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. If you skip out on using Google My Business, you potentially will miss out on customers and sales. Why? Well let’s dive a little deeper into what is Google My Business and how it works.

What is Google My Business?

In simple terms, it is a business profile within Google. But it is not just your Business Profile, rather a tool by which you enhance your Business Profile to boost its visibility and effectiveness. Business Profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google search. A listing on Google My Business can be an amazing marketing tool for search engine optimization (SEO). Obviously Google has some power on their search engine, but now it has allowed businesses to have their search space as well.

All that Google requires within the business profile is the business name, location, and category. Once it is confirmed that the business is not a duplicate, Google will create the business profile for that location. You can have multiple location profiles per business if you have separate addresses. For example, a doctor has two offices. The doctor can have two business profiles for the business with two separate locations.

Is Google My Business Free?

YES! And it isn’t a scam. Google doesn’t charge to create a Google My Business profile. Plus, Google My Business does not operate on a pay by service level, like free, super, premium, etc., business model. This means that your business has the same level of access as your competitors. However, this could all change and it could become a paid service and eventually upsell the account levels. But for now, June of 2021, it is free.

Why Should I Use It for My Business?

Google always favors Google My Business profiles with extra information and user engagement, especially recent engagement. If your profile is up to date with a business image, hours, location, and services/products, Google will know that it is relevant information and will know to show it to someone searching for something similar.

Additionally, your business profile is open to people to leave reviews, add their personal pictures, ask questions and even answer others questions. Google might also populate your profile for you from information that it finds online. Of course that can always be edited to make it fit to your business standards. You know your business best!

How Do I Set Up A Google My Business Profile?

Yay! Glad you’ve made it to this point of wanting to set up a Google business profile. It is the right thing for your business.

To get a Google My Business account, go to google.com/business and click “Manage now,” which will take you through the steps of creating an account. Enter all of your information. Google will then need to verify the business location is actually yours. You’ll be sent a postcard by mail that will have a code on it to confirm it is yours.

In the meantime, optimize and nurture your profile. Add your business hours, ask your best customers to add in some pictures and reviews, add your own pictures and make sure the other business information like location and contact information are correct.

Now What Do I Do with My Google My Business Profile?

Post to your Google My Business listing at least once a week. Think of it as an additional social media post. Make the Google My Business post something specific to your business and link to your website. Hashtags won’t matter for this post. If you have an image that you took, post that instead of one that you create and is just a general image. When you use a picture that you took at the business, it has location tags within the file that Google will recognize. We don’t have to get deep into how that works. Just think of it as picture magic!

Being active on your listing is always a good idea. Manage reviews, good and bad, add events that are happening for your business, add a new picture of a product or someone doing your service, or add in an offer that you want to share with your potential and current customers. If Google releases updated information grabs, a new item where it already shows the things mentioned previously, this should be posted about. At the time of this blog (June 2021) there is a Covid-19 update area where businesses can post Covid updates, like if they are closed or the rules have changed. There is a good chance that this particular information will be ranked better than others. Update your profile to match whatever Google is suggesting.

Good luck with your Google My Business profile! If you have any questions or would like help setting up or managing your profile, contact us.

A Blog on Why Video Marketing is Important. Isn’t that Ironic?

Here we go. A blog about video marketing. It is so ironic, yet, we are still writing about it. Thinkabout the last time that you were on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. How many videos did you see in your feeds? How many did you watch? Did you share any of them or tag someone in it?

As our Triple-Nine Digital team scrolls through their own social media feeds right now, there are a ton of videos that pop up. Some are just for entertainment purposes, some are just friends, kids and animals, but others are for business purposes. The common theme? We are watching them! Video content marketing is at an all time high because people being online is at an all time high. But why should a business use video marketing?

According to Makenzie Walker of topfloortech.com…

1. 97% of marketers claim that videos help their customers better understand products.
2. 81% of businesses are now using video as a part of their digital marketing strategy.3. Live videos account for 13% of total traffic.
4. 90% of consumers claim a video will help them when making a purchasing decision.

Video Sells

How many people still watch commercials on television? Where are people watching  “commercials”? From the early ages of commercials on television, to the late night infomercials, to the daytime talk shows, video has always been used to sell in many ways. Except in today’s world, commercials are fast forwarded through and popular streaming services offer options to purchase packages that don’t even have commercials. So where is video supposed to sell now? Online…on your computer and especially on your mobile device. Video is viewed more on mobile devices (phones) than television now than ever before. According to JWPlayer, more than 75% of worldwide video viewing is mobile. As a business, you have the ability to market your product or service directly to your customers on their social media, in their search engines, and directly on your website in front of their very eyes. You don’t have to make “commercials” in the dictionary term of it, but instead you can make videos that interest and interact with your potential customers. Get those shares! Get those likes! It all matters.

Is Video Marketing More Important Than Other Forms of Marketing?

Video isn’t necessarily more important than other forms of marketing, but it sure helps that video can be used in a variety of ways. Video comes in many different forms like webinars, live streams, courses online, and of course published on YouTube or other social media platforms. It can also stop you in your tracks, well scroll, if you see something moving and interesting. The longer someone watches a video, the longer they are on your website or social page. This means the viewer is now engaging more with your business/product. Did you know that when this happens, whatever social media platform they are on gets notified of the amount of time the potential customer viewed your video and the platform keeps pushing more of your business posts to them? This is because the social platform knows the person viewing the video for a longer period of time is interested in whatever you are showing. Now your other marketing content, i.e. blogs, articles, images and other social posts, will be shown on their social feeds more than before, allowing your product to be front and center, just waiting to be bought.

Video Versus Written Text

While articles, blogs and other written text serve a wonderful purpose, videos allow the viewer to comprehend the message much faster, especially if your product is in action. Customers will only buy your product/service when they understand what it does and how it will help them. Sometimes that product or service needs to be shown in action! But with action comes text. The written text is still important for search engines. According to Moovly, a brand is 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. And with video comes the video title and the description, which you may also use on your social media post – all written text. So video and written text go hand-in-hand! Additionally, it may take many different forms of marketing to make the final sale. So a video, followed up with a blog, followed up with an image, followed up with a different video may all come together to entice the final sale.

Video is Personal

There are a lot of great writers in this world who have the ability to speak directly to the reader. But video allows the viewers to have a deeper glimpse inside your business world. Whether it is a video about the owner’s story, or a hands-on video about the product, viewers will get a front row ticket to whatever you are talking about, potentially from a familiar voice of the company. Video makes the product/service and business even more real than it was before. Additionally, pulling at the heartstrings or a feel good video hits home for a lot of people. Making your business or product relate back to your potential customer’s needs can help make the sale. Sometimes a relationship starts with a video. Say a potential customer saw your video about why you sell a certain product. They then came into your store and found you, the person in the video, and said that they really resonated with the reasoning for your business to sell this product. Now they are interested in the product and you can grow that personal relationship with them. What a win! And all because of a video.

Don’t Miss Out

Videos aren’t the one stop magical solution to a marketing plan. It is necessary to be realistic about your goals when it comes to planning, producing and sharing out video content. Always be thinking about who should view your videos (and at what point in the buying process they are in – i.e. they don’t know anything about you, they are aware of your brand, or they are already a customer), where you can find those people and how should you speak to them. Do they like funny videos or do they like more serious, informational videos? Do they want to see the owner or another familiar face like a mascot, or does the voice not matter at all? If you aren’t creating video, you are at risk of missing out on one of the most popular ways that people consume content. Video does not have to be boring or long. You can have fun images and graphics incorporated, a spunky voice or a voice of an angel, engaging music (but always be careful of copyright!), or whatever you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Need help on where to start with planning a video? Triple-Nine Digital is here to help! Contact us to discuss your ideas and how we can best serve you.

Google Changes (Again) – Modified Broad Match is Out the Door

In February, Google announced yet another change to the structure of its keyword match types. Modified broad match is going away. This is the 5th time Google has made updates to the keyword match types. Some are saying these changes are positives and others are looking at them in an unfortunate negative light. What does it mean for you, your business or your clients?

What are Match Types?

There are (well were) 4 kinds of match types within Google Ads. These deal with how your keywords can trigger an ad to show:

1.Broad Match
2.Modified Broad Match
3.Phrase Match
4.Exact Match

For the purpose of this blog, just know that each type has their own stipulations as to which words are focused on within a search query. You may not have even differentiated much with your keywords especially since users said that modified broad match and phrase match were often interchangeable and served the same purpose. Not that it matters now, but within modified broad match keywords, you would choose specific keywords that are required for your ad to show, through the use of a plus sign. The ads would only show for queries that contain all of the words you used with a plus sign in your keyword or phrase. Order did not matter.

Why This Matters

The big takeaway right now is that order will matter for how you place your keywords. Google will treat keywords as a phrase match type, but will expand it to cover the modifier traffic. In Google’s example below, the updated phrase match will not show ads for search queries in the opposite direction.

+moving +services +NYC +to +Boston may show up for the search query “moving services NYC to Boston.” Previously, the ad may also display when someone searches “moving services Boston to NYC,” which won’t help the advertiser because the searcher is moving in the opposite direction.

This change could save you time in the long run as it eliminates a step in building out an ad. It is time-consuming to put together all of the different keyword requirements per ad. But it could also cause an issue in that your keywords may not mean the same thing as what you want searched. An example provided by Allison Day, WordStream’s Lead Acquisition Specialist, is that “get more Google ads” does not mean the same thing as “get more conversions on Google ads.” Additionally, due to the change, your traffic could fluctuate. This is to be expected. Just keep that in mind and make adjustments to your new ads moving forward. We are all dealing with the same change so more information will surely come out about new strategies.

What Do I Have To Do?

Nothing right now if you are comfortable with that. In July, after this change has rolled out worldwide, advertisers won’t be able to create new modified broad match keywords. The current ones that are used will basically be grandfathered into the new behaviors. But really, keep alert to how this change does affect your ads and keyword searches in the coming months. Continue to use those negative keywords to block out bad traffic. You can also take the time now to revisit your account structure and potentially move around your ad spend budgets to make sure you aren’t focusing on modified broad searches.

Does this change make a difference for you, your business or your clients? If you aren’t sure or have questions on how to make sure your keywords are spot on, you can always ask us as we try to stay on top of all changes that affect our clients best interests.

Another Social Media Platform – What is Clubhouse?

We know what you are thinking. Another social media platform! Are you saying that with excitement or negativity? Anotherrrrr – yay! Anotherrrrrr- ugh! Clubhouse is different from the other social media platforms that are out there currently. Our team believes that right now, it is extraordinarily rich in content (audio) from industry experts, leaders, business owners, and professionals. It seems big name artists, celebrities and athletes are also on the platform, but we are not sure if names are currently verified (think of that blue checkmark!) It has the feel of an educational tool and a place to learn from others without Googling or picking up a book. Almost like a round table discussion, but virtually. So what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse Overview

Clubhouse is a live audio app (right now only available for iPhone or iPad users – March 2021). It’s like a never-ending conference that you don’t have to pay to attend and you can listen from anywhere, including the comfort of your own home! The app has a podcast feel to it, except you can chime in and potentially speak during the discussion (if the moderator allows).

Here’s the kicker – or the bonus: Nothing is recording. There’s no chat feature, no videos, no way to upload files, just plain old audio. There is a real sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) if you don’t join a room when a speaker is on (AKA – when a conference is happening).

TIP: Recording and transcribing conversations in Clubhouse rooms without every participant’s permission is strictly against the platform’s Terms of Use. The work around is that you can start a room (conference) for the purpose of obtaining information or content by adding your intentions to the room’s public title and description. Then you can use a room to ask questions, interview other members, or gain insight for whatever you need and can then use that information however you wish. We do recommend giving credit where and when credit is due.

Clubhouse Rooms

Clubhouse rooms are where all of the magic happens on the app. The content (the audio) is within the rooms. This is where you host a discussion, listen to people speak, see who else is in the room and chime in when allowed. You literally can listen to people live from all over the world. This is your chance to actually talk to your favorite author, the company CEO, or the marketing director from a Fortune 500 company. Just some examples.

You can add your friends into the rooms you are currently in if you think the discussion is something they would be interested in too. When you search for your friends, the people that have your phone number in their phones are the friends on the app that are going to show up first (creepy or not?).

Creating your own room starts your own conference. You are the host! Open rooms are for anyone, social rooms are only for people within your network, and closed rooms are only for people you follow (but you can change the setting when you start the room).

TIP – The name of a room can’t be edited after it has started. Choose the name wisely!

You can ask people to come up to the stage from the audience so you can work with others to add more content to the room. So really you could plan to start a room and have your business partners join in and speak! When users raise their hands, that means they would like to speak. There is a mute and unmute feature as well.

Clubhouse Clubs

This made our team think back to high school when there were after school clubs that you could be a part of. Clubhouse Clubs are groups that you can join and follow create a better experience and are tailored to your specific interests. Sports clubs, acting clubs, food clubs, the list goes on. Search for whatever you are interested in to see what comes up! The possibilities are already endless.

TIP: Creating a Club is simple, but you may have to wait for it to launch. Clubhouse has been taking special care to review Clubs before they launch.
Clubs have three types of users within them: founder/administrator, member and follower. In order to create a Club (in which you will be considered the founder), you must have already hosted a room at least three times. So don’t expect to be able to create a Club right off the bat when you join. It seems Clubhouse is really looking for users who are going to be engaging with the app and using it to its fullest potential.

You can start taking part in a Club once you’re a Club founder or member. You can create public or private rooms within your Club similar to how you can start a global room on Clubhouse. The difference between Clubs and general rooms is that Clubs will make it easier to find similar themed discussions. It is a place where people with similar interests will go to search for content. If you are a part of the Food Club (just an off the wall example), you may find a room within the Club that is specifically talking about types of cheese. Yum!

How Can Clubhouse Benefit You?

The Triple Nine Digital team sees Clubhouse having a myriad of benefits depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking to gain a following because you have information you want to share, then you have the opportunity to be a host of your own “show” and garner that following. If you are researching something, wanting to learn more about a topic, or just have a general interest in a subject matter, you can listen to people speak about it in Clubhouse. And if you have questions during the conversation, you might have the opportunity to ask it right then and there. No emailing and hoping for a reply. Instant gratification!

It is also a big player in the networking realm. You have the ability to create connections within the app by following others. You can click on anyone’s bio in the rooms so make sure your own bio is rich in content. Share your resume, accomplishments, interests, and what opportunities you are looking for. Don’t be shy. This is where you have the chance to brag and shine! Keywords within your bio will help connect you with other like-minded users. An example keyword you could use is “business owner” and Clubhouse will show you other users with business owner in their bio. Follow only people that you are genuinely interested in because Clubhouse uses an algorithm that displays content (rooms) to you depending on who you follow.

TIP: The first three lines are the most important words in your Clubhouse bio. Make that text count because it is what people will see first. Additionally, make sure your photo is clear. The only clickable links on your profile are your Twitter and Instagram profile links but you can post other links in the bio.

The focus of Clubhouse feels like more of a professional conversation platform rather than a production platform. There is a LinkedIn vibe when using it. And sure, you can plan out what you are going to say, but it is still just audio. But it does make us think back to War of the Worlds type of content. Even though it is just audio, that doesn’t mean someone can’t play their guitar or have the waves from the ocean crashing in the background.

Clubhouse is giving you the ability to make connections with people all over the world, for free! If you are an industry expert, people will look to you for information, thus potentially reaching out for your services/products, etc. in the future. If you are looking for a job, you can connect with the big wigs of whatever business you are interested in and get your name out there. Remember to always be professional and courteous.

How Can I Get Invited?

Right now (March 2021), Clubhouse is an invite only platform. If you have invitations to give out, I’ve read that you will get more invitations when you share them and are more active on the platform. So don’t be afraid to invite people. Don’t worry if you can’t find an invitation. Download the app and set up your account. Someone who knows you might be notified in-app automatically and grant you access.

TIP: Triple Nine Digital has invitations available to give to potential users. Please contact our team if you would like to try out this new platform and need an invite. Remember, this is currently only an iPhone app (as of this blog March 2021).

Is Clubhouse Here to Stay?

The chatter about Clubhouse being a big social media player is out there. It is already exploding and has only been around for a short period of time. It is also unique in that it is audio only. But the question still hangs in the air about what will happen once the app leaves private beta (invite only) and becomes public. Will marketers bombard the app pushing their clients on you constantly? Will eCommerce brands run their pitches in a room? Will the professional value and networking possibilities fade as more people get onto the app? Will it be heavily moderated? And of course, freedom of speech comes to mind with any social platform. Will you be free to say what you want and not see backlash? And who’s to say that what people are saying on the app is 100% true and fact. The conversation possibilities seem pretty open and endless at this point.

Even if you are not sure about using it, it may be a good idea to download the app (if you can) and see if you can get an invite to reserve your name/username. We are still learning about this platform and of course will share new tips as we come across them on our Facebook and Instagram.

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Does Your Business Have a Solid Foundation?

With a solid digital foundation, the sky is the limit!

Without a good business foundation online, that perfect marketing strategy you’ve created will most likely result in free advertising for your competitors. What do we mean? To answer that, let’s briefly review the consumer buying process.

When we as consumers have a need or want, we do research. Most of that research is performed online. For example, after watching a commercial or seeing an ad, we head online, perform a keyword search or perhaps visit a few websites. We read online reviews, consult friends or family, or visit groups on social media and ask questions. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we make a purchase with a reputable company – either online or at a brick and mortar store.

As one of the businesses competing in this search, you want to make sure you’re showing up as much as
possible and providing a great user experience when consumers find you. A solid marketing plan is important. However, if potential customers can’t find you online when they’re searching for your products and/or services, chances are they’re finding your competitors.

Elements of the foundation

A strong business foundation has three elements to it. These elements include business listings, a responsive and secure website, and at least one social media business profile.

Business Listings

Business listings are public profiles that you set up within online search directories. They contain vital
information about your business such as name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and
more. They are a way for potential customers to find you online. 80% of customers use business directory
listings to research a product or company before visiting or buying. It’s critical that your listings be accurate and available.

By creating and claiming your listings online, you’ll be able to manage reviews, both good and bad, and show your customers that you value their feedback and customer service is important to your business. It also establishes credibility and opens the door to your online presence.

A responsive and secure website

A website is your number one marketing asset. In fact, 30% of consumers won’t even consider a business
without a website (Buzzboard.) That doesn’t sound like much but would you turn away 30% of your customers before they even have a chance to see what you offer?

A website doesn’t have to be a work of art but it does need to be informative and responsive. At a minimum, it should provide basic information to your potential customers. For instance, it should include:

Safe, and secure access
Most customers prefer mobile over desktop. Your website should be mobile friendly and responsive on devices your customers are using. Work with your website manager to apply SSL Certificate to your site. When applied, SSL Certificate encrypts user information and ensures their safety while browsing your site.

An informative homepage
Make sure your customers can learn what they need to about you and your business. With an informative
homepage, you can explain what your business is about and the products and services you provide. This
establishes a human connection and a sense of trust with your audience.

Accurate contact information
Lastly, your website should have clear and accurate contact information so customers can reach out with
questions or feedback. Be sure to also have links to all social platforms your business manages for an added layer of communication.

Social Media

You’ve got your business listings and your responsive website. Now let’s talk about social media.

A good social media presence allows your customers to connect and interact with your business on a more personal level. This goes beyond just posting updates. A solid social media plan also includes engaging with your audience and looking for ways to increase your reach and visibility. You don’t have to be on every social platform but be sure to manage those you are on well.

How do you do this? A good rule of thumb is to post a couple of times a week or at a minimum of 2-3 times per month. The content you post should be relevant and engaging for your audience and should generate conversation naturally. Don’t be afraid to look at social groups or businesses like yours to see how they’re posting.

It’s also important to encourage audience growth by inviting customers to like and follow your business page. Extend your reach to as many people as possible by boosting your posts and adding paid advertising to drive additional growth and brand awareness.

We’re here to help!

The team at Triple-Nine Digital is here to help you find your starting point and make sure your brand foundation is solid in support of your advertising efforts.

Our team will help you evaluate your online brand, what is going well, where you may need some help, and how other businesses like yours compare. From there, we’ll help you create a strategy for success and prioritize it to match your budget. We are with you every step of the way. Through fully transparent
communication and reporting, we show you exactly where your marketing dollars are going, the results your efforts are producing, and plan for continued growth. When you succeed, we succeed! Let us help you get started today!

Marketing Through Covid-19

Marketing Through Covid-19

During this challenging and uncertain time, we are here for you. We completely understand how this pandemic changes business operations by the hour and has very complex effects on your business.
In order to support you and your business effectively, we have compiled the following list of COVID-19 resources and welcome a call with you in order to provide individual business consultation to determine the next steps for your marketing plan. Since this may be a chaotic time, both personally and professionally, this offer for a consult is open for as long as our communities are affected and can be scheduled at your convenience.

If you need assistance with any communications with your clients or customers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it is changing ads, writing social posts together, or adjusting budgets on campaigns, we are here to help you.

To that end, please see these basic COVID-19 tips for social media:
Monitor your social media carefully. Make sure you are using reputable sources to share information.
Information is constantly being updated, so date your posts and information that you share to ensure that your posts will not look incorrect if something changes.
Stay calm and focused during this time. Clients and customers may mirror what you’re giving them.
If there is an event you need to cancel, consider hosting a webinar instead.
Communicate any changes to your business hours, operations, or services.
Review and adjust your social media strategy as needed. This could be something that needs to be reviewed daily even as things are constantly changing.
Check-in periodically so that your customers and clients still see your posts and they keep you front of mind. Especially if you are open and changing the services you are providing.
Be prepared for questions and concerns that your customers may ask. Consider drafting a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that your customers or clients may be concerned about.
Find local resources to follow for updates in your area, while also keeping tabs on national news as well.

Please check your local resources for up-to-date information and guidance. Here are a few that may be useful for your business:

Business Resources:
GOOGLE – Business Support
FACEBOOK – Business Support

Local News Resources:
The Spokesman-Review
Fox 28

Government & Health Resources:

CDC Website & Socials:
CDC Website
CDC Facebook
CDC Instagram

World Health Organization:
WHO Website

USA Government:

Local Resources:

Washington State Department of Health – Coronavirus
Idaho Department of Health – Coronavirus
Montana Department of Health and Human Services – Coronavirus

As always, we are honored to be a part of your business family and sympathize in your anxiety and concern over the unknown effects this will have on your business, both short and long term. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help take the burden off you and your business.

Please stay safe and healthy and know that we are here to support you, now and in the future.

Wendy May and all of us here at Triple-Nine Digital

Digital Marketing Can Bring Your Marketing Campaign to the Ultimate Level and Complete the Package

Traditional marketing tactics are essential for businesses of all types. From small to large companies,
billboards, print, radio, and television ads bring in a substantial amount of business. Even though this
market will always have a place in advertising, it is simply no longer enough to keep your business
competitive with an increasingly digital world. How can digital marketing assist your already successful traditional marketing tactics? Here are just a few of the ways.

Location Emphasis

Billboards, bus bench ads, and even flyers around the city reach a lot of people. Locals going about their daily routines will be enticed to visit your business and inundated with your ads on a daily basis, but what about visitors to your area? Without digital marketing, they may not know you can help them.

Even with standard street ads from traditional marketing, some visitors are too focused on their digital device to notice. That is when location based marketing can have a significant impact on your small business.

Imagine, visitors and even locals walking the streets where your business is located in and instead of
receiving ads of the big name business way across town, they see ads and even coupons for your
business. Advertising in this manner attracts those that are focused on their devices and sends
notifications when they are close to your business.

A Constant Reminder

Potential customers often have to be reminded more than once that a business is available. It is not that they completely forget about the specific business, but the simple fact that there is so much available information, they may neglect to visit as often as they should. Street ads and even television and radio ads fill in the gaps to remind customers a business is available. Research shows that it takes an average of 7 times reading something to commit it to memory. The same thing can be said for marketing.

Traditional marketing tactics work directly with digital marketing tactics to reinforce and remind
potential customers that you are available. They may see a television ad or hear a radio ad about the
business first, but it is the social media ad that is continually being brought to their attention that
entices them to visit the physical location or website. It all works together as a continual reminder to
maintain a link between your business and that customer.

Broaden Your Reach

Traditional marketing is also known as passive marketing. It reaches an expanse of customers without a real target audience in mind. Whoever happens to pass by the ad, read it in print, hear it on the radio, or see it on television can be impacted, so there is no real structure to its basis. Digital marketing works with passive marketing tactics, but gives the reach a bit more girth. The broader expanse enables even the smallest of businesses to have a substantial impact on their marketability.

Where to Turn?

Traditional marketing is very easy to understand. The ads are put out and generate a certain level of
customers. The digital marketing world can be a bit more confusing to navigate as there are a lot of
virtual entities to keep in mind. What you need is a friend in the digital marketing business and that is
where we at Triple9Digital come in.

We are committed to our clientele and give them a leg up on the competition through a keen
knowledge of all marketing tactics with an emphasis on digital marketing. We can take your standard,
traditional, passive, marketing scheme to new heights through location-based marketing, mobile
website integration, social media emphasis and much more.

At Triple9Digital, your business is not viewed as a small business, but in the potential to become a much larger competitor in the digital world. We have helped countless small businesses realize their potential through digital marketing and grow to unbelievable heights. Give us the opportunity to do the same for you today. Contact Triple9Digital today and have a better tomorrow.

Why Ignoring Digital is Bad for Business

The singular goal of marketing is to bring awareness to the business brand ultimately growing the
company. Small business owners must be diligent in their marketing as they do not have people to
delegate the task to as with large businesses. Small businesses would do well to see the value in digital marketing and if this is an area you are currently neglecting, putting your dollars into it will certainly pay off in a big way.

Latitude and Longitude Targeting

In a digital world, it may seem difficult to reach specific customers who are focused on their phones
more than what is around them. Work this to your advantage with digital marketing and latitude and
longitude targeting. If you are unfamiliar with this term, you are not alone, but even without knowing it, you have used latitude and longitude targeting. It simply is the act of targeting customers based on their specific location.

Digital marketing in this way uses your advertising when customers are close to your location sending them information on the business. This is a great idea for those that may not be in high traffic areas as it will direct potential customers to your location even if it is not on the main street of a city. Anytime you can expand your reach to customers passing by, your business will grow.

Your Mobile Identity

Information is everywhere these days and more potential customers are relying on mobile technology as a means of acquiring their daily information. With an emphasis on your website’s design and the ability for it to be mobile friendly is how to edge out much larger competition and reach the customers you need. Regularly updating your website and focusing on the customer’s needs will ensure that they feel the site is valid rather than just another site.

This is how larger companies keep up with the market, by keeping up with current trends. If your
website is more than a few years old and you have yet to update the information, design, and online
experience, your small business can suffer. Make an effort to find a digital marketing firm for the
professional touch to help your small business grow substantially.

Data Utilization

What turns many small businesses off from a digital marketing campaign is simple lack of knowledge. Small businesses that have launched digital campaigns in the past without credible knowledge into the industry will often endure a costly marketing scheme with very little monetary results. The problem is that marketing without a specific audience is simply a shot in the dark. You might catch one or two contacts, but apart from that, the budget is blown on customers that have no interest in your business whatsoever.

Responsible digital marketing is quite different. It is focused on specific customers rather than sending information in all directions. Data utilization is how this is accomplished. Analyzing data is not for the average person or small business, but when your small business combines efforts with a digital marketing company such as Triple-Nine Digital the results are remarkable.

We take data from your site to produce the ideal digital marketing campaign for your business. Potential customers are targeted by their past search history, interests, and even location. This use of “Big Data” pays off tremendously for small businesses and gives them an opportunity to compete with larger businesses. Triple9Digital is always here for you to help you grow your small business in the most efficient way through digital marketing. Contact us today and begin your road to growth with Triple-Nine Digital.